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"FUNDAMENTAL AGREEMENT LUXURY" produces mainly denim garments which are made in the world-wide manufacturing capital for denim -. Okayama, Japan Their uncompromising products are carefully made with such incredible detail that is difficult to obtain by mass production means. The brand name is derived from the literal interpretation of its words. FUNDAMENTAL AGREEMENT = having a basic agreement with our customers to provide them with quality product. Our promise. LUXURY = suggests that our product is a cut above the rest in every which way. We're proud to add FDMTL to our growing list of brands.

Fundamental Agreement Luxury Denim

"Genuine Hospitality" and "Pride Of Craftsmanship".

Denim jeans have an excellent durability. They are actually industrial products that you can wear for the longest periods of time. When denim is first made, the fabric is navy blue, and gives off an inorganic look, covered with starch. But depending on the shape of the person who wears it, or the way they wear them on a daily basis; it shows astonishingly diverse changes, as if it's a living, organic material. FUNDAMENTAL AGREEMENT LUXURY denim has a rich expression which tells us these kinds of stories. It’s a denim that finally falls into your hands after a long course of time. From here, you will be the one who gives each of them their own history.



"Japan Made" Quality is guaranteed  

FUNDAMENTAL AGREEMENT LUXURY denim is “JAPAN MADE”. This includes the fabric, sewing and manufacturing. The vast knowledge and experience from skilled workmen is put into each product, resulting in detailed special product that you can't achieve through mass production. FUNDAMENTAL AGREEMENT LUXURY denim is launched from 4 line-ups.



A Rich Expression Of A product that tells a story of how it arrived.

Important processes such as distressing breathe new life into the products. FUNDAMENTAL AGREEMENT LUXURY denim is each carefully constructed, going through numerous stages of workmanship. To avoid making them in an unnatural style, the creation begins by setting up the concept. This involves predicting such things as the occupation of the person who will wear the denim, the place, and the time. There are theories behind each process, so it's not only about the design, but also about giving a rich expression, as the vintage denim does. They are made by time and effort, and repeating the trial-and-error process which is a "space" far from things like efficiency.

Available in store and online.