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Nike Air Max Zero QS 03.29.15

What is zero? Mathematically, it’s nothing; a number created to represent the lack thereof. But at Nike, zero is something. It represents the beginning, the initial thought, the stroke of genius from which great things are forged.

In this regard, zero adds up to the Nike Air Max Zero, an idea put on paper 29 years ago that contained nearly three decades of innovation. It wouldn’t become the first Nike Air Max shoe, but without it, the Nike Air Max 1 would not exist. The Nike Air Max Zero was the first step. The one before the 1.

To bring the sketch into the future and accomplish Hatfield’s goal, McMillan upped the ante by adding the latest Nike innovations. These included technologies such as the newly-introduced Air Max 1 Ultra outsole seen on the Air Max 1 Ultra Moire, with its cored-out Phylon construction, fuse uppers that reduce bulk without sacrificing support, and monofilament yarn mesh that helped build the unusual tip without sacrificing breathability. With that, Hatfield’s original concept was realized.

The Nike Air Max Zero ($190) QS drops  Sunday March 29th 2015. Sizes 5.5-13