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Introducing Stampd SS18 "Bleached Dreams"

Stampd kicked off in 2011 lead by founder Chris Stamp in hopes to elevate west coast streetwear to a higher standard. Based in Los Angeles, their ‘avantstreet’ style reworks casual apparel with higher quality textiles and customized fits that resonate with what youth culture is wearing today. Stampd has collaborated with several notable fashion brands and companies within a short period of time with the likes of Puma, A Bathing Ape and Rolex just to name a few. Along with their higher standard for garment quality comes simplicity, which is well represented in this first collection. For their SS18 collection titled “Bleached Dreams”, the use of simple graphic prints, oversized cuts for sweats and hockey jerseys along with branded daddy caps channel the sportswear era of the 90s.

Find our very first drop for Stampd at Capsule, online and in store at our Markham location.