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Nike ISPA Mindbody "Olive Grey" 24/2/23


Welcome home. From first look to first step, the ISPA MindBody is the new definition of R&R. The inviting and pillowy foam midsole is an oasis of sensations, while its light and airy Flyknit upper (made from recycled yarns) provides a sanctuary you won't want to step away from. Bonus: in place of a sockliner, you'll find lofted Flyknit underfoot for a brand-new sensation. 

Guided by Nike's circular design philosophy, each pair is constructed with interlocking components and the intent of using fewer materials. A key feature of this concept is designing with product end of life in mind, which resulted in shoes that can be easily disassembled. No glue necessary—just a single cording system that holds it all together. When you're done with your shoes, there's no need to take them apart or throw them away. Simply drop 'em off at a participating Nike store and they'll be given a new life through donation or recycling.

The Men's Nike ISPA Mindbody "Olive Grey" drops February 24th online at 10AM EST and in-stores at 11AM if inventory remains (indicated online).