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Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2.0 Raffle Info

Never say never.  Making a rare reappearance is the Nike Mars Yard 2.0 straight from the NikeCraft department where athletes of all fields of study are the primary focus.  American sculptor, designer and artist Tom Sachs took on the project to design the Mars Yard for a different athlete of excellence.  Tommaso Rivellini, the mechanical engineer at Pasadena’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, originally designed the air bags developed for the 1997 and 2004 Mars Excursion Rovers and happens to be the subject of Sachs’ work.

With the original utilizing Rivellini’s fabric into the design, the coveted Mars Yard 2.0 replaces the vectran airbag fabric for cream coloured mesh and premium suede to maintain the style and ready this pair for ground level use.  The detailing alone borrows noticeable design elements from the Apollo Lunar Overshoe, a particular footwear design often integrated with the spacesuit and used in the Apollo missions.  Although the overshoe rested on a silicone sole, the Nike Mars Yard attaches the Nike Special Forces Boot polyurethane midsole unit with flex grooves and a rugged outsole tread.  Tastefully retro in the aesthetic, the Nike Mars Yard 2.0 showcases the retro tongue tag with the original donning straps at the tongue and heel.  The tongue itself is made from a foam material that will shed over time leaving a forensic bread crumb trail for your treks around the planet.

Mars living might become a reality in mankind’s not-too-distant future and Nike has your prepared ahead of time thanks to their team at NikeCraft, Tom Sachs and Tommaso Rivellini.  Now is your chance to own another piece of footwear history with the Nike Mars Yard 2.0 ready to boldly go where no man has gone before.


  1. The raffle is open to customers who are able to pick up the shoes in-person only.
  2. Raffle winners will have an opportunity to purchase a pair of Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2.0 Raffle Info. Sizes 8-12 available. 
  3. ONE ENTRY per customer, multiple entries will not be accepted
  4. Raffle ends Wednesday July 26th at 7PM.
  5. All winners will be picked by a random selection method and will be contacted via phone or e-mail to arrange pickup at a later date. Please ensure you bring valid I.D when you pick up your shoes.