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Capsule 69 Yorkville / Revamp

For over a decade, Capsule has seen many changes. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing high-end streetwear apparel and performance footwear to the public of Toronto and all over the globe. Despite the aesthetic changes, we have remained true to our roots by being fashion-forward and striving for even further boundaries in the industry. That said, we are pleased to announce grand reopening of our expanded 69 Yorkville location.

We’ve added a brand new interior which utilizes a new versatile open concept. The expansion is both reminiscent of our original decor that will feel familiar yet refreshed by the unrestricted space. We’ve returned to our roots and broadened our original vision to new heights. Expect to see some surprises as well for our grand opening.

Our brand new, revamped 69 Yorkville Ave. location opening June 16 at 12 PM.